Paul is one of the few Coloradans trained in, and providing to the public, authentic Japanese Reiki (see the “About Paul” section). Paul has also read extensively on Japanese Reiki.

 The caption on the first image would be: "Treating the Liver: from an actual 1930s Reiki session in Japan". The caption on the second image would be: "Treating the Kidneys (hands actually stationary): from an actual 1930s Reiki session in Japan". "from a 1933 Japanese book, re-published in Japan in 1999, called Reiki To Jinjutsu: Tomita Ryu Teate Ryoho, by Kaiji Tomita."

“Treating the Liver: from an actual 1930s Reiki session in Japan”
From a 1933 Japanese book, re-published in Japan in 1999, called Reiki To Jinjutsu: Tomita Ryu Teate Ryoho, by Kaiji Tomita.

Authentic Japanese Reiki is an outstanding form of complementary and alternative medicine. Anecdotal evidence abounds, including in the literature Paul has read, the stories he has heard, and with respect to his own experience both giving and receiving Reiki sessions, describing one or more Reiki sessions as capable of curing, and/or preventing, and/or palliating symptoms of, various medical disorders/illnesses/diseases, and various aches and pains.

The use of Reiki as an alternative medicine is much more stressed in Authentic Japanese Reiki than in Western Reiki. That being said, Paul has received outstanding sessions, in terms of alternative medicinal benefits, from Western Reiki Masters as well as Authentic Japanese Reiki Masters and Practitioners.

As also fully endorsed by Western Reiki, Authentic Japanese Reiki concurs that Reiki sessions are also outstanding methods by which a client may obtain deep relaxation and significant stress-reduction.

A Reiki session consists of the fully-clothed client lying on a massage table and being actually touched by Paul in various parts of their bodies, primarily the head and feet, above major organs of the body, and above major movement joints of the body. Paul’s touch, in the context of Authentic Japanese Reiki, is almost always a light-pressure, resting/motionless, minimally-gripping, and palm-focused touch.

Paul is willing to do a small portion of his session touches a few inches off-body, if the client prefers, plus the client has both advance and mid-touch veto power over any touch. Paul’s goal is to sufficiently explain the various areas he is inclined to touch by any number of various effective determination of energy imbalance location techniques promulgated by Authentic Japanese Reiki, so the client is comfortable about the session and where they might be touched.

An explanatory document and client intake form of the nature of the document where hereby appears a link, is now required by Colorado law for practitioners of Complementary and Alternative Medicine to provide to prospective clients ahead of their first session, for the client to sign and turn in to Paul, for Paul to keep its details and his client’s records confidential, and for Paul to retain such document for at least two years after his last session with a client. Please download attached document, read it and sign it, if you wish to be Paul’s client.

Client Intake Form